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What is pleasurable food education?

Pleasurable food education is about students experiencing fun, hands-on learning through cooking and gardening in order to form positive food habits for life. A kitchen garden program helps schools deliver pleasurable food education.

Kitchen garden programs are powerful learning spaces where children can develop through practical, real-life experience. A kitchen garden program also offers children improved health and wellbeing outcomes and an opportunity to engage with the community beyond the school gate.

Plant the first seed today

Want your child or community to discover the benefits of growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh, seasonal, delicious food? Want your local school or learning centre to start a kitchen garden program?

It’s easy for passionate families and community members to get involved. Plant the first seed of a kitchen garden program by starting a conversation with teachers, educators, Principals, centre managers, the school council and parent committee members. You’ll be amazed at the support you can generate once you get the ball rolling.

Gather together the people who have expressed an interest, and approach the leadership team at your school or centre. This may be as simple as a couple of passionate parents stopping by the Principal or centre manager’s office, or it may involve a formal presentation to the school council or parent committee.


The Foundation has loads of resources that will help you understand the benefits of a kitchen garden program and how your school or centre can get started. Here are just a few:

We’re here to help

The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is here to help – simply contact us.

We have a huge array of products and services to help your school or centre run a kitchen garden program. Here are just a few:

  • The Kitchen Garden Classroom – a membership package that provides access to resources, discounts, an online community and ongoing support ($275 to join).
  • Delivering Kitchen Garden Classes – a hands-on professional development workshop that is the ideal introduction to running a kitchen garden program.
  • The Getting Started printed guide and Getting Started online course are great ways to learn the basics of pleasurable food education. Purchase at the online shop  or register online.

Each school and centre designs a kitchen garden program to suit their own needs. The school or centre makes decisions on staffing the program, infrastructure, participation by year levels and how often classes will be – but you can plant the first seed!