The Foundation

Our Team

The Foundation is powered by a small, dedicated team of passionate staff, our wonderful Board and a treasured community of volunteers, who come together to achieve our shared mission.

Cassandra Liu, Operations & Finance Officer

Ethan Jenkins, Communications Coordinator

Evan Toma, ICT Systems Support Officer

Jessica Brien, Support & Delivery Officer

Josephene Duffy, CEO

Josie Charles, Support & Delivery Manager

Marcelle Coakley, Support Officer

Maria Pokorny, Secondary Years Project Officer

Rachel Harington-Hawes, Executive Assistant to the CEO

Rick Stocker, ICT Systems Specialist

Robyn Deed, Content Developer

Sam George, Support & Delivery Officer

Saskia Ericson, Visual Communications Coordinator

Sharee Grunow, Finance & Operations Manager

Steph McLeod, Support & Delivery Officer

Suzie Wilton, Support & Delivery Officer

Thomas Hunt, Development & Engagement Manager

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