The Foundation

Our Team

The Foundation is powered by a small, dedicated team of passionate staff, our wonderful Board and a treasured community of volunteers, who come together to achieve our shared mission.

Diane Leyman, Content Coordinator

Evan Toma, ICT Systems Support Officer

Jessica Brien, Support & Delivery Officer

Jessica Kendall, Support & Delivery Officer

Josephene Duffy, CEO

Josie Charles, Delivery Manager

Lisa Fitzgerald, Program Development Manager

Lucy Permezel, Empowerment Manager

Luke Newhouse, Victorian Project Officer

Maria Bongiovanni, Finance Officer

Maria Pokorny, Secondary Years Project Officer

Maryanne Netto, Editor

Melanie Ralescu, Early Childhood Project Officer

Michelle Brownstein, Partnership Lead

Rachel Harington-Hawes, Executive Assistant to CEO

Rick Stocker, ICT Systems Specialist

Sam George, Delivery Officer

Saskia Ericson, Communications Coordinator

Sharee Grunow, Finance Leader

Stacy Allen, Public Relations Coordinator

Steph McLeod, Support & Delivery Officer

Suzie Wilton, Support & Delivery Officer

Thomas Hunt, Engagement Manager

Vicki Barnett, Operations Coordinator

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