New kitchen garden resource for secondary schools

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Foundation’s groundbreaking new resource for the secondary years shows the direct links between a secondary school’s kitchen garden program and curriculum-integrated classroom learning.  

Kitchen Garden Education for the Secondary Years: Connecting to the Curriculum (Book 1) is the first book of its kind for the secondary sector.

Organised into eight chapters, according to the main learning areas of the Australian Curriculum, the book offers a range of engaging and challenging student learning tasks for Years 7–10. The learning tasks reinforce subject-specific learning with a kitchen or garden theme.

In the arts, students learn to make ceramic apples and sushi plates; in English classes, they design a recipe template; and in health and physical education, students learn how to eat for health and wellbeing.

In the humanities and social sciences learning area, students develop an irrigation plan and climate map; in languages, they translate kitchen garden words and terms and make bilingual signs; and in mathematics they learn how to run a stall at a farmers’ market. Science students learn how to identify and classify plants, and in technologies they investigate taste and recipe design.

Each task has been specially designed to give students the opportunity to apply hands-on learning gained in the kitchen and garden to real-world scenarios, whether it’s debating food production issues, learning how to shop economically for pantry ingredients or studying plant cells under a microscope.

This book makes delivering classes easy. Each chapter has been developed to provide a continuum of learning across Years 7–10. As well, each learning task comes with teaching notes, providing educators with all the information they need to prepare students to achieve the relevant curriculum outcomes.

Designed to be usable and clear for both teachers and students, Kitchen Garden Education for the Secondary Years is a valuable resource for any secondary educator wanting to bring pleasurable food education into the classroom.

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