Westgarth Primary School - Garden Specialist position

Contract position 29/01/2019 to 27/01/2020 (35 hrs per fortnight)

The responsibilities of this position will be to:

  • Liaise with Kitchen Specialist on a weekly basis to co-ordinate harvesting and menu-planning activities
  • Liaise with Kitchen Specialist to explore ways to integrate learning in the garden with learning in the kitchen
  • Facilitate classes with the aid of the classroom teacher assisting with student supervision, management of students and guiding small groups as they participate in the gardening program
  • Be resourceful about obtaining necessary equipment: seek donations where possible.
  • Liaise with the wider community.
  • Coordinate and support volunteers, compile and update volunteer information, advertise for volunteers, respond to interest from potential volunteers

This position is a rotating fortnight in the Garden.

Week 1: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Week 2: Monday, Tuesday

Total Hours per fortnight: 35

Applications close Wednesday December 2nd

To be considered for the position applicants must apply through Recruitment Online - search for 'Westgarth'.