WoodLinks State School - Garden Specialist position

The aim of the Kitchen Garden Program is to introduce young children to the wonderful world of good food via a productive food garden and an exciting kitchen, as an integral part of the school curriculum.  We hope to engage the curiosity of the young students and to help them learn how to grow the very best food in the very best way, how to care for it in the garden, how to recognise when it is ripe and at its best, how to prepare it easily and enjoyably and how to develop an expanding culinary palate – and be excited by all these experiences.

We want to convince children to modify their eating habits because the food they are experiencing tastes so good, rather than because they are being told to eat some foods and not to eat others.

The best of all possible worlds would be to engage the classroom teachers, food providers elsewhere in the school, parents and the community to all become excited by the possibilities this project offers.

Job Description for WoodLinks State School SAKG Garden Specialist

The Garden and Kitchen Specialist has overall responsibility for planning and maintaining the garden, and also plans and conducts weekly garden classes in which students learn about growing produce for a kitchen (among many other things!).  On taking up the position the successful person will undertake the following tasks.

  •  Plan weekly garden classes, ensuring they are applicable to all participating age groups. This involves preparing up to five activities per class, creating a syllabus and preparing materials.
  •  Plan weekly kitchen classes, ensuring they are applicable to all participating age groups. This involves preparing up to five activities per class, creating a syllabus and preparing materials.
  •  Involve classroom teachers and students in the development of the syllabus through formal and informal discussions.
  •  Coordinate and support garden and kitchen volunteers, compile and update volunteer information, help coordinate volunteer events, advertise for volunteers and respond to interest from potential volunteers.
  •  Produce monthly newsletter updating the school and wider Community on aspects of the SAKG programme. 
  •  Be resourceful about obtaining items needed for the garden and kitchen– receive donations when possible, scavenge(!) or purchase within budget guidelines.
  •  Work in the garden doing general gardening tasks like weeding, pest control and completing jobs not finished by students, as well as maintaining equipment.
  •  Communicate maintenance matters to the School Business Manager (BM)
  •  Provide encouragement, advice and inspiration to other schools by facilitating group tours and school excursions to the garden, giving presentations and assisting with SAKG training days.
  •  Liaise with the wider community and nurture relationships with those donating goods to the kitchen garden.
  •  Liaise with the BM, HOC and teachers regarding timetables, planning and budgets.
  •  Plant, Grow & Harvest from for the kitchen classes.
  •  Attend regular meetings of the Kitchen Garden Program committee at WoodLinks State School to facilitate the vegetable garden component of Kitchen Garden Program, problem-solving and planning of special days, publicity for Program etc.

 Reports to: Head of Curriculum and Deputy Principal

This position is for 15 hours a week.

How to Apply

Please submit your CV with 2 referees and a covering letter to the Principal.

Applications close Wednesday December 5th  at 3.00pm

Send applications to:

Attention: The Principal
WoodLinks State School
WoodLinks Way
Collingwood Park QLD 4301

Or email