Welcome to 2023 from Stephanie

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The new year has started and we all have an extra spring in our step after a couple of very difficult years.  
Despite Covid, floods, fires, more floods, so many of our schools have reported positive stories. I plan to stay very connected to the posts you all post on the Shared Table. I learn a lot and have been inspired to make dishes featuring summer zucchini, tomatoes and lots of basil. And my own favourite, crisped sage leaves. I hope to join in some of the travelling to visit schools that will happen this year.

I spent part of my holiday break with my seven-year old granddaughter and realised how different it is exploring and experiencing new tastes when you are just seven. 

She rejects anything she calls ‘spicy’. I hope I convinced her that there are warm spices, and aromatic spices without any trace of heat. She quite enjoyed a sprinkle of cinnamon on her breakfast yoghurt and her favourite icecream is vanilla. She had no idea that vanilla was a spice. I made a small amount of pesto which she really likes on pasta. I substituted raw cashew nuts for the pinenuts that were not in our holiday pantry.
Our rented holiday house included three chickens and together we fed them tasty green scraps and a few bread crusts. In return we gathered warm eggs, and made very special scrambled eggs.
I am sending my best wishes for a great year. I do urge those who are planning kitchen garden programs to consider ways of engaging with the wider community – including the other teachers at the school or centre, the parents of the students, and even local businesses that might like to help.
Happy Kitchen Gardening in 2023.
– Stephanie

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