Celebrate the revised edition of Getting Started

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

To mark the Foundation's 20th year, we are proud to reveal the completely revised edition of Getting Started: An educator's guide to establishing a Kitchen Garden Program.

This second edition has been beautifully redesigned  and reimagined to support educators from around the country to run their Kitchen Garden Program. Each chapter is dedicated to exploring the 10 kitchen garden program fundamentals for schools.

The revised edition was a whole-organisation project that included advice from external partners, principals and, of course, Stephanie Alexander to make sure the new edition was practical, curriculum-focused and hit the right targets for teacher priorities. 

This guide is full of practical hints, tips and expert advice to support educators and staff. It includes:

  • An entire chapter dedicated to how staff and educators can link the program to the three dimensions of the Australian Curriculum: learning areas, general capabilities, and cross-curriculum priorities.
  • Advice for setting your budget and establishing your kitchen and garden spaces 
  • How to schedule and run kitchen and garden classes. 
  • Suggestions for kitchen equipment, pantry ingredients, and garden equipment. 
  • Roster templates for kitchen and classes, plus 
  • All the shortcuts to the Shared Table, our resource and community hub. 

As Kitchen Garden Program Manager, Natasha Grogan, explains, “This is the first update of Getting Started since 2016. So much has happened and evolved in the past eight years that the Foundation prioritised reassessing how we were supporting schools across Australia to run their Kitchen Garden Program. This edition brings staff and educators running the program clear support and direction. Educators will feel confident knowing that we support them to start small and dream big.”

The new edition of Getting Started: An educator's guide to establishing a Kitchen Garden Program is included in all new school memberships and available to all existing school members as a printed resource or digital download!

We can't wait for you to dig in!

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