Altona Meadows PS students are growing a high-tech garden

Friday, November 23, 2018

Altona Meadows Primary School art teacher Sarah Capri found a clever way to integrate technology into the school’s kitchen garden program.

QR codes were added to handpainted signs, which were then placed in the school’s garden beds. When a QR code is scanned with a mobile device, it takes the user directly to a dedicated YouTube video made by Year 6 students, celebrating the fruit, vegetable or herb named on the sign.

Students worked in small groups to produce the short films. They were encouraged to share their own knowledge, as well as undertake online research. Some students also chose to interview and film the school’s kitchen and garden specialists, Marilena and Tarius, for more information. 

Eleven films have so far been made by the students, with art teacher Sarah providing constructive feedback and technical assistance. 

“The students were incredibly engaged throughout the activities and have been very excited to see their short films come to fruition,” says Sarah. “They are also really enthusiastic about the interactive aspect.”

The technology is yet another avenue for visitors to the school, along with junior students yet to participate in the school’s Kitchen Garden Program, to engage with growing and harvesting fresh, seasonal produce in a new and different way.

“I think this is especially valuable for our younger students as they will be excited by the interactivity, as well as by learning from other students,” explains Sarah. “Sometimes kids just ‘get it’ when concepts and topics are explained by their peers.”

Sarah is looking forward to providing other groups of students with the opportunity to produce their own films, and to allow for more seasonal produce to be featured.

She is currently working on a document for other teachers and schools detailing the process of creating the QR codes, as well as curriculum links and outcomes. Watch this space!

Like to see some of the school’s videos? Try enabling the camera on your mobile device and scanning this QR code for fascinating facts about parsley.

Or check out the video here:

Scanning this QR code with the camera on your mobile device will take you to a video about the school’s lemon trees.

Or check out the video here:

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