A clever new kitchen garden resource for teachers

Monday, June 4, 2018

Food + fun = learning in the classroom

The Foundation is delighted to announce the release of its much-anticipated educational publication, Literacy and Numeracy in the Kitchen and Garden: Ideas for Learning in Primary Years F–6.

The first of its kind from the Foundation, Literacy and Numeracy in the Kitchen and Garden offers a collection of ideas for practical and fun learning tasks designed to enhance literacy and numeracy through a kitchen garden program. Years F–2 students make (and eat!) pizzas to learn about fractions, Years 3–4 students take a virtual trip overseas to write a food-related travel diary, and students in Years 5–6 write and edit their own recipes and create and manage a budget for a kitchen garden fundraiser.

Participating in hands-on activities in the kitchen and garden helps students develop real-life literacy and numeracy skills. This style of learning is particularly beneficial for those students who don’t thrive in traditional classroom settings.

This book makes it easy for educators to extend incidental learning and link real-world experiences to the curriculum.

Literacy and Numeracy in the Kitchen and Garden is informed by the literacy and numeracy general capabilities set out in the Australian Curriculum. Ideas for learning tasks are grouped by year-level bands. You can simply dip in, adapt the ideas to suit your needs – or use them as a starting point to create your own.



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