Coles supporting Tasmanian schools

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The Foundation is excited to announce that from 8 to 26 September, all 16 Coles stores in Tasmania will be directly supporting a local school to kick start or grow their kitchen garden program.

Through the purchase of $2 donation cards at Coles supermarkets across the state, Tasmanian shoppers will have the opportunity to donate and support their local school, enabling them to invest in anything they need to support their program. Funds can be used for anything: a new garden path, a larger oven to enhance capacity when fundraising events come around, or even a new scarecrow to keep the birds off spring crops! 

Josephene Duffy, CEO of the Kitchen Garden Foundation, says, “The Kitchen Garden Program is led by community, for community, and schools really rely on local support to help their program thrive. We’re so thrilled to have the great state of Tasmania supporting this work, through our wonderful partnership with Coles. The funds raised are going directly to Tasmanian kitchen garden schools, who will make the most of them to bring pleasurable food education to their students and families. This means more Tassie kids and families will understand where fresh food comes from, as we engage them with food from soil to stomach in a meaningful, long-lasting and sustainable way.” 

New Town Primary School Principal Denise Tanner said the established partnership with their local Coles store has already meant they could purchase a three-door upright commerical freezer to assist with storing more meals and produce as their vegetable harvest was so abundant. She says: “Our school kitchen is currently too small to allow in-classroom learning. We are hoping this year’s fundraiser will allow an expansion to our kitchen and help us buy appliances so we can open it up to more students each week.” 

Critically, through the program local Coles stores are creating long-term, sustainable and fun partnerships with schools in their area. Coles team members will be able to assist schools with the Kitchen Garden Program through a range of initiatives, including working bees, garden maintenance and food donations. 

Coles State General Manager for Tasmania Claire Lauber said: “Coles is delighted to be able to play a part in teaching children valuable lessons about food and sustainability.”

We look forward to seeing Tasmanian schools and Coles stores continue this journey of working together to take the Kitchen Garden Program beyond the school gate and into the broader Tasmanian community.

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