Educational resources

Educational resources

The Foundation publishes educational resources, both online and in print, to give educators the tools they need to run a best-practice, sustainable kitchen garden program. The Shared Table contains downloadable educational resources, recipes, garden activities and lesson plans that link the program to the curriculum. Our printed educational publications are all available in our online shop. Some of the resources available are listed here:

Print resources

  • Getting Started: An Educator’s Guide to Establishing a Kitchen Garden Program
    All the tools you need to establish a kitchen garden and deliver pleasurable food education to learners of all backgrounds and ages.

  • Seasonal Food & Gardening for the Early Years – three-book series
    Practical, illustrated guides that provide early years educators with an introduction to pleasurable food education. 

  • Step-by-Step Visual Cooking & Gardening
    A guide providing positive and accessible kitchen garden learning, whilst encouraging students to develop life skills.

  • Literacy and Numeracy in the Kitchen and Garden
    A collection of practical and fun learning tasks designed to enhance literacy and numeracy through a kitchen garden program.

  • Kitchen Garden Program Seasonal Planner
    A tool to help educators, children and students plan and share their kitchen garden program activities, including a large format poster that sets out the annual cycle of months and seasons, and a supporting booklet with a seasonal list of garden, kitchen and learning activities.

  • Kitchen Garden Syllabus for Primary - Years F2 – two-book series 
    Kitchen Garden Syllabus for Primary Years 36 – four-book series 
    A ground-breaking series containing everything you need to plan and run a successful kitchen garden program for the primary years.

  • Tools for Teachers  Years 3&4 – three-book series
    Tools for Teachers  Years 5&6 – three-book series
    A unique series of curriculum resources that show educators how to unlock the power of learning in the kitchen and garden through hands-on activities, lesson plans and real-life investigations.

Shared Table resources

The Shared Table is jam-packed with hundreds of practical kitchen garden resources, including how-to guides, information sheets, garden activities, recipes, curriculum connections, templates and more. For a taste of these resources visit our homepage. Here is a small sample of resources available for our members to download via the Shared Table:

  • The Kitchen Garden Program for Early Childhood – six-workbook series 
    This series of workbooks aims to support early childhood educators and service providers to run the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program for Early Childhood. 

  • The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program for Secondary Years: Digging in Guide 

  • VCAL and the Kitchen Garden Program for Secondary Years

  • Kitchen Garden Learning Tasks for Secondary Schools – three books (Ideas aligned to the Australian Curriculum, Ideas aligned to the Victorian Curriculum F–10, Ideas aligned to the NSW Syllabus)

  • Secondary schools: Curriculum-aligned learning tasks