Face-to-face professional development

Kitchen Garden Professional Development


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation is not currently running face-to-face professional development. We have created an eight-week program, Kitchen Garden Program at home, which will guide you through a term of kitchen garden classes remotely with your students. Login to the Shared Table from Wednesday 15 April to access the packages.

Please contact the Support Team on 13000 72543 or support@kitchengardenfoundation.org.au, for advice or further information.

Anyone can get their hands dirty at practical professional learning sessions that give educators a chance to experience firsthand all the fun and learning of kitchen and garden classes for themselves. 

Wherever your school or centre is in your kitchen garden journey, there is a face-to-face session available to help you expand your kitchen garden program and make the most out of pleasurable food education. Browse the courses available below to find a session best suited to your needs.

Delivering Kitchen Garden Classes

Delivering Kitchen Garden Classes is the perfect introduction to pleasurable food education. Dig into the basics of kitchen and garden classes with a fun-filled day of learning that is designed to develop new skills and build confidence.

Growing Your Kitchen Garden Program

Growing Your Kitchen Garden Program sessions are an ideal way for educators to hone their delivery of pleasurable food education. Enhance your understanding and build confidence in delivering a kitchen garden program while getting together with colleagues during this dynamic professional development day.

You DO NOT need to be a Kitchen Garden Program School or member to access these courses - contact us to learn more.