Kitchen Garden Syllabus for Primary (Years F–2): Book 2

Thursday, November 29, 2018

We’re excited to announce the launch of the newest book in the F–2 Syllabus series. Everything you need to plan and run a successful kitchen garden program for Years F–2 is right here, including preparation advice, full sets of seasonal garden activities and recipes, and much more.

Kitchen Garden Syllabus for Primary (Years F–2) has been designed to familiarise young students with fresh, seasonal, delicious food through hands-on gardening and cooking activities. With a focus on skills-building via practical, engaging learning, the book aims for students to have fun while developing lifelong positive food habits. The F-2 Syllabus is the ideal prequel to the Foundation’s successful Kitchen Garden Syllabus for Primary (Years 3–6) series.

The Syllabus is organised into eight themed sessions suitable for younger primary students. All recipes and projects come with clear, simple instructions to guide your students through each step. In Book 2, children will enjoy shaping tasty beetroot and chickpea burgers and assembling fresh, colourful temaki sushi. Fun, creative activities include dyeing with natural dyes and bottle-top mosaics.

Specifications: A4, 144 pages, 8 sessions, 38 garden activities, 32 recipes.

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