Starting a patch from scratch

Monday, June 20, 2016

Do you dream of transforming  a patch of your school or backyard into a thriving veggie garden?

We asked our newsletter subscribers what motivated them to start their veggie gardens from scratch and loved hearing their stories so much we thought we’d share them …

“Our school garden was established on an empty green field. Beds were built on turned over top-soil layered with wet newspaper, compost, straw and more compost. Beds are planted in rotation and fruit trees surround the outer perimeter. Irrigation is in place as are plastic and wooden compost bins.” (Austins Ferry Primary, Tasmania)

“'I started our family garden around the time my wife was pregnant with our first child. I thought if I could learn how to grow our own food it would give Zoé a better appreciation and understanding of exactly where her food comes from. Plus it tastes so much better!” (Matt O'Sullivan, Wellington Point, Queensland)

“Year 1/2 wanted to grow vegetables. We were given an old rainwater tank and parents filled it with rocks and soil. We planted pumpkins and watermelon, and cared for them as they grew. Then made some pumpkin soup, which was yummy, and shared our watermelon with the school, which they loved.” (Adelong Public School, New South Wales)

“At Middle Kinglake Primary School, we are determined not to be overcome by obstacles! 2008: Kitchen garden plans underway. Black Saturday February 2009: School totally destroyed. Temporary school –  Bunnings helped us create a potted veggie garden. February 2011: We moved it all across to the new school site,” (Middle Kinglake Primary, Victoria)

To see photos from the competition winners scroll through the gallery above.

These lucky newsletter subscribers won a copy of the gorgeous children’s picture book by Megan Forward, A Patch from Scratch, which tells the story of a family who start a veggie garden and includes lots of good tips for home gardeners.

We’ve also put together some free gardening resources to help you start your own patch from scratch. The pack includes tips on how to plan your garden, making a no-dig garden bed, how to plant seeds and seedlings, mulching,  planting charts and recipes for homemade pasta, pesto and a Salad of the Imagination.

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