Eltham Primary School


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At Eltham Primary School we are committed to a philosophy that encourages care, compassion and teamwork. We are dedicated to each child developing confidence, self-respect, and a passion for discovery, learning, laughter and play. We love that our school is 425 children; it allows us to all share the learning journey with friends we know. The School Values that underpin our mission are: Respect- for ourselves, for each other and for the environment; Excellence-in our teaching and learning; Lifelong Learning- for ourselves and others; and Compassion-through fun and generosity in our relationships as global citizens. Our school is steeped in the tradition of excellence. Our superb sandstone building is positioned in a tranquil setting and, complementing this, are new learning spaces, including a Performing Arts Centre. Our new buildings are sympathetic to the landscape and combine a brilliant use of space with the heritage we all wish to preserve. The curriculum at the School is based on the philosophy that children learn best when their experiences at school are structured to take account of different learning styles.