Christmas Island District High School

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Christmas Island District High School is located approximately 360km South West of Java and 2300km North West of Perth. Christmas Island is a fully integrated part of Australia although the island is more reminiscent of South East Asia. The island's population is culturally diverse due to the island's history. Colonialist recruitment practices in the last century brought Asian labour to the island from Southern China Malaysia and the Cocos Islands to work in the phosphate mines. Expatriate Australians were brought to the island to manage the mine and the island. As a result there are three main ethnic groups on the island and therefore in the school- Chinese (70%) Malay (15%) and European (15%) as well as small groups of Indian and Eurasian residents. As well as cultural diversity there is great linguistic diversity on the island. The majority of islanders are multilingual with some able to speak 3 or 4 different languages. While English is the instructional language at school there is a focus on the development and promotion of the community languages of Mandarin and Bahasa Malay.

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