Enfield Public School


PH: 02 9747 3514
Fax: 02 97445189

The focus of Enfield Public School is on its students and the community which it serves. The school values achievement in all aspects of learning, the pursuit of excellence in personal endeavours and promotes positive behaviour for learning. We are safe, caring, respectful and responsible learners.

Our mission and core values are to work with a quality curriculum using 21st century learning pedagogy,which is relevant and challenging and to build skills that will enable students to be successful participants in our country’s future. The school achieves its mission through the collaboration of students, parents/carers and a motivated and engaged staff working to actively enhance the whole school community. Researched based pedagogy has established a firm foundation for students learning.

Want to get involved?
This school currently has the following opportunities available:

Kitchen Garden volunteering

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