Wonga Park Primary School


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Wonga Park Primary School is set in a semi-rural environment and values its strong sense of community. It is an integral part of the Wonga Park community with a current enrolment of 353 students. We provide a nurturing, engaging and innovative learning environment that develops students who are healthy, caring and connected community members, who have a love of learning and strive for excellence. We aim to develop the values, knowledge and skills that enable students to become self-reliant, resilient and effective members of an ever changing global community. We value integrity, commitment, respect, courage and confidence, self-responsibility, persistence, creativity, critical thinking, individuality, fun and celebrating success. Our dedicated staff demonstrates a strong commitment to continuous improvement and achieving excellence in teaching and learning. Programs are designed to be engaging, flexible and authentic and through Challenge Based Learning we explicitly teach the language, tools and strategies to engage in analytical, critical and creative thinking tasks. Our Tribes learning community is committed to building positive relationships and this has contributed to strong student connectedness, high parent satisfaction and strong partnerships between home and school.

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Kitchen Garden volunteering

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