The Village School

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Village School is an independent, non-sectarian and non-denominational primary school having no specific affiliations with any other educational establishment or educational system. Our mission is to delight and inspire children to become resourceful, independent learners. Our educational philosophy is underpinned by the concept of liberalism and tolerance, promoting humanitarian concerns such as inclusiveness, equity and universal rights. We provide a supportive, caring environment in which children can discover and learn. We celebrate individual differences whilst at the same time encouraging children to develop an awareness of their place in society, to grow to understand their role in supporting and caring for each other, other living creatures and the environment. Core academic subjects are top priority and we foster each child's special talents whilst discovering their own path to success. We support a differentiated curriculum which provides a variety of teaching approaches and classroom structures. Emotional and intellectual growth are fostered through drama, horse riding, music, camps and sleepovers. Fostering responsibility, reliability, resourcefulness and the growth of independence are central to our approach to the individual and planning for them.

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Kitchen Garden volunteering

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