St Peter's Parish Primary School

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We remember the words of Jesus through our motto, "Where two or three are gathered together in My Name. There am I in the midst of them." St Peter's has an enrolment of approximately 670 children and in 2017 will have 28 classes. The school demonstrates a strong Catholic ethos, which is enhanced by the committed relationship between the parish and the school. St Peter's School offers a comprehensive curriculum. Religious education is based on Archdiocesan guidelines which emphasise doctrine, faith and prayer and the sacramental program is family-based. There is a strong focus in literacy and numeracy while also aiming to develop technological capabilities; resilient and flexible; communication skills and exchange of ideas; awareness and appreciation of cultures; critical thinking skills and adaptability; teamwork and community service; awareness of one's own choices and a commitment to personal and community growth . Student wellbeing and social, emotional learning, is evidence based with daily application of restorative practices and a diverse range of strategies which promote positive relationships in the classroom and across the school. 

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