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The creation of the new DovetonCollege is a unique and exemplary project for the Victorian Education System. Doveton College has grown from the Doveton Regeneration Project which was made possible by a joint funding arrangement between the Victorian Government, the Federal Government and the Colman Foundation.  Doveton College will act as an educational beacon within the City of Casey.

 To date the project has involved the closure and merger of Doveton Heights Primary School and Doveton North Primary School in December 2009 to form Doveton Primary School. Doveton Primary School and Eumemmerring Primary School closed at the end of 2011 to establish Doveton College from January 2012. A year 7 program was also offered in 2012. In December 2012 Endeavour Hills Secondary College  closed and a year 7 to year 9 program commenced at Doveton College from January 2013.  

 While other regeneration projects have had the broad agenda of raising educational standards in low performing and socially vulnerable areas, this project is the first to specifically target a particular “at-risk” community with the aim of drastically boosting educational standards, and hence whole of life opportunities for the children of the community through early intervention, family support, and community integration. As such, the project is unique in Victoria, and possibly Australia.

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