Aspendale Primary School

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Committed to continuous improvement and achieving excellence in teaching and learning at every level, Aspendale Primary School is proud of the outcome of the 2015 School Review conducted by Monash University, when the school was described as high performing and in the top 10% of schools across Victoria. With nearly all 2016 academic results equal to and in many areas higher then the previous (2015) year, when compared to school trends, 'similar' schools, and all schools across the state, Aspendale Primary continues its reputation as a high performing school in Victoria. 

Whilst the improvement of each student to the best of her/his academic potential remains at the core of all programs, a focus on the development of the 'whole child' is also evident through many social skills programs, welfare programs, extension/co-curricula activities and personalised learning programs.

Re-development of the school buildings and grounds over recent years has resulted in a modern, attractive physical learning environment, purpose-built for collaborative learning and teaching, complimented by a stimulating landscaped outdoor environment conducive to cooperative play, both passive and active.

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