Perseverance Primary School

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Perseverance Primary has two multi-aged classrooms on French Island, in Western Port. The school has two classrooms, a covered playground, an expansive cubby, chicken coop, vegetable garden and a hot house. French Island has a permanent population of approximately 60 residents, 72% of the island, 11,100ha is National Park. The school was established over 100 years ago in 1896. The school is reliant on solar generated power and rainwater in keeping with the rest of the dwellings on the island. The school is committed to promoting sustainable pro green habits and practices in the children which are reflected in their homes. These virtues are further supported under the guidance of the teacher with the children involved in looking after the chickens, helping to maintain the garden and learning about local producers such as a visit to the bee keeper or eco-farm. Environmental studies form a significant part of the curriculum. Perseverance Primary School and Crib Point Primary School operate in a hub/annexe arrangement which is overseen by the Principal of Crib Point PS. The children currently attend Crib Point PS on a Friday via the ferry to access a wider range of resources whilst socialising with a larger group of children.

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Kitchen Garden volunteering

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