Jones Hill State School

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Jones Hill State School distinctive curriculum offerings include: gender classes in some areas of the school, schoolwide technology challenges, differential curriculum in some areas of the school, strong environmental focus, strong links with local high schools, Yr 7 leadership and individual focus, strong sporting program with a focus on participation and after school drama class. Extra-curricula activities include: ECO Garden (ducks, chickens, finches, guinea pigs, worms, vegetables and fruit trees), Garden Club involved in various projects, various sports available during the year eg. Rugby League, Football, Cricket, Swimming, Tennis, Athletics, AFL, Netball, Softball), Choir, Instrumental music, extensive camping and excursion program and technology challenges. Our Values are acting with Honesty and Personal Integrity, treating all people with Rspect, Fairness and Acceptance to promote Happiness and Peace, trying our best in everything we do, accepting individual and social Responsibility for our actions, making a Safe, Supportive learning environment and appreciating, educating and actively engaging in practices promoting global environment Sustainability.

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Kitchen Garden volunteering

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