Theodore State School

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Theodore State School is a Band 8, P to10 school located in the rural township of Theodore, central Queensland. The school was opened in 1924 and the secondary department commenced in 1960. The student population is relatively stable at about 190. The school services the town of Theodore and associated rural communities. Theodore, with a population of about 700, is the service centre for surrounding irrigation and agricultural industries, as well as the nearby Dawson South coal mine. A strong partnership exists between the school and the community. Most of the 18 teachers are beginning or early-phase teachers. The recruitment of staff to the school remains a challenge.The school aims to provide a challenging and varied curriculum within the scope of limited numbers and and access to resources and agencies in the secondary school. The school actively encourages the participation of parents, caregivers and the community in all aspects of school life including academic, cultural and sporting activities. Our students benefit from an active P and C Association. The school and community have also benefitted from the support of PCAP (Priority country Area Program).

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