St Peter's Primary - INGLEWOOD WA

PH: 08 9271 2896
Fax: 08 92712813

St Peter's Primary School is a developing triple-stream, Catholic co-educational primary school situated approximately ten kilometres east of the Perth CBD. The staff provides an integrated curriculum for all students, with Religious Education as the focus. The curriculum draws together the concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes and values from the Curriculum Framework in developing the competencies of expressing, investigating, communicating, creating and reflecting. There are a range of specialist programs including Liturgical Music, Art, Physical Education, Library, Italian, EMU, Reading Recovery and Extension. The school was in the first intake of schools participating in the Raise initiative for Literacy and Numeracy. St Peter's has successfully endeavoured to establish close ties with the parent and school community, resulting in greater involvement by parents in their child's education, community building and, ultimately, better outcomes for students. The school also enjoys a strong relationship with the local parish.

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