Tammin Primary School


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Tammin Primary School is located 180 kilometres east of Perth. The school was established in its current location in 1969 and first commenced in 1900. The school has experienced an average enrolment of 60 students over the past five years with students from Kindergarten to Year 7 and is proud of its friendly caring and inclusive atmosphere. The majority of our school's population live on farming properties that are serviced daily by two school bus routes.

Our vision at Tammin PS is to ensure our students achieve positive social and academic skills and knowledge with high expectations of achievement by: showing respect for all, promoting resilient behaviours, strengthening feelings of self-worth, communicating positively and constructively with others, providing a motivating and stimulating learning and work environment, effective collaborating between parents, students and staff. Our mission is to inspire others to become resourceful and informed citizens who contribute positively to a changing world.

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Kitchen Garden volunteering

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