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Rosebery Middle School is located in the suburb of Rosebery within the city of Palmerston, along with our neighbours Rosebery Primary School. The school opened in 2011 as a middle school with a cohort of Year 7 and 8 to be joined by Year 9 in 2012. While the school has a capacity to cater for 850 students, in 2011 the enrolment was 520 students. In 2012 with all three year levels the school enrolment has grown to 742 students. The school attracts a range of students from all suburbs of Palmerston including Bakewell, Bellamack, Durack, Driver, Gray, Marlow’s Lagoon, Moulden Park, Rosebery and Zuccoli.

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This school currently has the following opportunities available:

Kitchen Garden volunteering

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