Armadale Primary School (Victoria)

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Armadale Primary School  is a nurturing and dynamic learning community that develops engaged, creative and reflective learners who can ‘be the best they can be’ in an ever changing global society.Our students feel strongly connected to their peers with a positive sense of wellbeing and consistently demonstrate high levels of engagement with their learning and enjoy being challenged. Our highly visible culture of respect, inclusiveness and tolerance translates to students interacting positively and building caring and supportive friendships that transcend beyond primary school.   Our child -centered teaching and learning philosophy honours the child. Social and Emotional Learning are pivotal to ensuring a personalised and a differentiated curriculum for our students . We run a multi and single age structure which aligns classes with the developmental continuum of learning. The curriculum taught provides a solid foundation in skills and knowledge on which further learning and adult life can be built. Personalised learning enables deeper knowledge and conceptual understanding that translates into new and creative ideas and the application of these concepts into a futures perspective. Our students are provided with opportunities to explore, investigate, problem solve and evaluate every day in their learning and open ended tasks.   

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