Perry Street Child Care Centre

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Perry St Community, which includes educators, children and their parents, is committed to the provision of high quality, community-based early childhood education and care that acknowledges the uniqueness of each child and their family. We believe that healthy development of the whole child requires a strong sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming and at Perry St we strive to provide an environment conducive to this.


At Perry St, we believe that nature is a powerful teacher.  The learning environment is rich with natural resources, and educators weave into their learning programs notions of sustainability and connectedness to the natural world.  Perry St. places great value on instilling in children the preciousness of their natural world, and the impact of their interactions with it. Children are encouraged to explore and make use of ‘home grown’ resources, ensuring that our environment is part of, and not just the subject of, learning


Our kitchen and food program is an important part of Perry St.  Children are involved in all aspects of the program – planning, harvesting, and preparing food together.  The kitchen becomes a learning space for exploring sustainability, health and nutrition and diversity and cross cultural understanding.


Our next goal is to grow more fruit and vegetables in our garden to use in our meals so the children are involved in the full garden-to-plate experience.

The focus of our 2015 fundraising is to buy plants for Perry Street’s very own vegetable garden and fruit trees.

Want to get involved?
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Kitchen Garden volunteering

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