Wild Cherry Steiner School

PH: 03 5152 1966

Wild Cherry Steiner School was established in 2013 and currently offers Prep to Class 3. At Wild Cherry we incorporate the fundamentals of Steiner education, allowing our teachers flexibility and professional autonomy in delivering the curriculum whilst ensuring that we meet current educational standards.
Our vision: We continually strive to educate and support the developing potential of each individual whilst fostering a caring and creative community.

Wild Cherry's balanced approach to education endeavours to:
• Inspire within the children a life-long love of learning, a morality that strives for goodness, an appreciation of beauty and a pursuit of truth.
• Inspire a sense of wonder and respect for, and a healthy connection to, the world.
• Develop respect, trust and caring for themselves, each other and the broader community
• Provide our students with the knowledge, skills and values that strengthen them as human beings.
• Foster a desire in our students to aim for academic and artistic excellence by providing them with a rich curriculum that helps develop them as individuals.

Want to get involved?
This school currently has the following opportunities available:

Kitchen Garden volunteering

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