Cornerstone Christian College- Dunsborough

Our focus is Christ-centered student learning. We strive to live out and model biblical values daily. Education is seen through the lens of a Christian world view. Students are guided to see themselves as Jesus sees them and encouraged to be that person.

Teachers intentionally build relationships with their students to provide a safe and secure learning environment. When students feel safe they are able to participate in the engaging and challenging activities teachers provide as they feel able to take risks in their learning.

We believe students should clearly know what they are learning, how to be successful in that learning and be supported by feedback from the teacher. Teaching may be explicit as well as consolidating knowledge and skills.

At Cornerstone we care as much about character as academic achievement. Character development is essential if our students are to be successful learners and valued citizens of the future.

Want to get involved?
This school currently has the following opportunities available:

Kitchen Garden volunteering

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