Two decades of the Foundation

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

In 2004, the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation was established by Stephanie Alexander AO – the much-loved Australian cook and food writer – to support children and young people in having positive and preventative health education through engaging, hands-on kitchen and garden classes.


“As we celebrate 20 years of working to promote pleasurable food education, it is especially gratifying to hear and see more and more research bodies, food writers, and academics validate my approach. Appreciating and choosing fresh food and incorporating it in daily meals will lead to healthier, happier food-aware adults compared with all attempts to change habits by shaming.”
Stephanie Alexander AO


Stephanie’s globally-recognised approach to food education was ahead of its time when it was formed over 20 years ago at Collingwood College, where the first iteration of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program came to life.  

This year, the Foundation celebrates the formation of the organisation and the extraordinary impact pleasurable food education has had on over one million children, their families and broader communities. 



Pleasurable food education inspires children and young people to understand and connect with fresh, delicious food through fun, hands-on learning to empower children and young people to develop practical skills, an appreciation of seasonal produce, and a positive, confident and healthy relationship with food — for life.

Linked to the Australian curriculum, the Kitchen Garden Program supports ACARA changes and cross-curriculum learning in STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics), agriculture, cultural studies, health, and physical education. The Kitchen Garden Program improves food literacy and behaviour, strengthens social skills, connects children to nature, and supports school engagement and sense of belonging.



As Stephanie explains, “Seeing my original vision flourish in gardens and kitchens of all shapes and sizes reinforces to me that pleasurable food education links students to positive health, wellbeing and sustainability practices that are even more essential now than they were 20 years ago.”

The work of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and the Kitchen Garden Program is still as relevant as it was in 2004, and the opportunities to nurture future generations are as powerful as ever.

Our big dream is for all Australian children and young people to have access to and participate in our globally-recognised Kitchen Garden Program. We know every school and service has distinct needs and resources. That’s why we support a ‘start small, dream big’ attitude and encourage our program model to be adapted to meet you where you’re at.


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*Cover image by Amelia Stanwix, for The Design Files, from their feature: A Day In The Life With Cookbook Author and Culinary Icon, Stephanie Alexander. 

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