The Kitchen Garden Program for Early Childhood

Launched in 2020, the Kitchen Garden Program for Early Childhood has been developed in consultation with the early childhood community. The program promotes a whole-service, play-based approach to delivering pleasurable food education to young children. Pleasurable food education is a fun, hands-on approach to teaching children about fresh, seasonal, delicious food so they can form positive food habits for life. 

“Children discover real-life, authentic experiences first-hand, which contributes to lifelong learning in the areas of literacy, language, maths, science and sustainability to name a few.” – Maryanne Blanch, Educational Leader, Californian Gully Kindergarten

The Kitchen Garden Program for Early Childhood offers educators a comprehensive package of professional development, educational resources and support, including:

  • the 10 program fundamentals for delivering a best-practice Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program for Early Childhood

  • the Shared Table, an active online community that connects thousands of kitchen garden educators across the country with an extensive library of resources and activities 

  • visual recipes in a variety of formats to engage children in cooking experiences 

  • examples, case studies and resources for innovative approaches to cooking and gardening in a play-based learning environment 

  • a framework, self-assessment tool and workbook series, as well as guidance on starting points for your kitchen garden and progress towards achieving a best-practice kitchen garden program

  • professional development sessions to assist with your program implementation and delivery.

The Kitchen Garden Program for Early Childhood supports the implementation of the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) National Quality Standard (NQS) and links pleasurable food education to outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework.

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