Kitchen Garden Foundation and Coles

Kitchen Garden Foundation and Coles

Coles and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation partnered in 2020 and are working together to make the Kitchen Garden Program accessible to more schools and services around the country. Working together means we can extend our fresh food philosophy beyond the school gate, engaging families and communities. Our collaboration actively influences Australian families to support children and young people to create positive food habits for life.

Supporting through fresh produce

Thanks to the generous support of Coles, their suppliers and shoppers across the country, our regular fresh produce focus raises awareness about fresh, Australian-grown produce, and funds for the Foundation. 

Grow It Cook It

Grow It Cook It is a springtime activity e-book full of helpful sustainability tips, from how to use all the parts of vegetables and the best ways to compost, to the ideal times for growing and harvesting your own produce, along with recycling tips. 

Cooking with Coles

Peruse our library of video recipes featuring Stephanie Alexander, along with Coles Ambassadors Courtney Roulston, Brent Draper and Michael Weldon, cooking up fresh produce from Coles farmers across the country.

Explore a farm

A real-life extension of the Kitchen Garden Program, Explore a Farm allows children to see growing and harvesting first-hand, in a farm environment. It offers the opportunity to talk with a farmer about their methods and yields, discuss growing environments and sustainability, and get a holistic view of what ‘farm to table’ means.